Although considered to be majorly the color of mourning, times have changed and fashion with it! Today, a black dress can be worn to just about anywhere; the office, hangout with friends, a party, even a wedding.


Actually, I've seen a bride dressed in black!!! It was a modest black wedding dress complete with the tule and veil and she looked absolutely gorgeous in it.


The beautiful thing about fashion these days is, you can be as unconventional and bold with your outfits as you'd like, and the sky would still be in place.


This is the assurance you need to purchase and add those modest black dresses to your wardrobe.





There'll be no attempt at beating about the bush on this one, and no fluff… so, here's why you need to add modest black dresses to your closet.


First, they are perfect for inspiring many outfit ideas. With a black dress, you can mix and match with so many different pieces of clothing to achieve different looks and you won't look boring.


Also, black is so flexible and can be made to work in any situation if you know your fashion-onions.





A modest black dress is versatile and can be styled in a variety of ways, here's a few;


Pair with a blazer and leggings

Your modest black dress plus a blazer and leggings is an absolute do! Plus, even if the dress is mini and you're unwilling to get rid of it, here's how best to rock it without flouting the modesty rule.


Oh, this combination is perfect for the office.


All you need to do is go for black dresses with conservative necklines, choose matching leggings, right shoes and other accessories and you're ready to smash your day!


Go formal with heels for date night

Your modest black dress, preferably midi worn with some heels, some makeup and a little fancy watch will be perfect for your date night, night out at the theater, etc.


Go casual for summer

Black is known to be the color that absorbs light, thereby causing heat. What this means is, you're bound to sweat more in a black dress than you normally would in other colors.


Which is why it is advisable to go casual when the weather is warm.


Black isn't exactly the color for summer, as people usually go for bright and vibrant colors, but your modest and casual black dress paired with, say white sneakers and a tote bag and summer hat can get you in the mood for a great summer day!


Add a leather jacket to your black dress

If you're aiming to look casual for the outing in your black dress, then a leather jacket is what you need to pull off that look.


The best part is, leather jackets are great for all body types so you, dear lady, have nothing to worry about.


A white or floral shirt over your black dress

If you have that black dress that is strapless, making it not so modest, apart from wearing a blazer or jacket over it, you can also put on a white or floral shirt with it.


You can then finish off the look with a pair of black shoes or some other color that matches your floral shirt, a long strapped handbag with some jewelry.


Remember, however you decide to style your modest black dress, you must add that confidence and radiant smile to boot… makes your outfit all the more better!