Teens clothing is a major cause for concern especially for families with parents practicing modesty and looking to establish the same in their kids.


Knowing that teenagers love trendy, flashy and classy fashion items they see all around them - in school, on the streets, on social media - and that they can decide to ‘want what they want’ doesn't make things any easier.


This is because most of these items of clothing that they are so enamored with, are nothing close to modest, being that they could be skimpy, ragged, outrageously designed one way or another, anything but MODEST!


What makes finding modest clothing for teens more difficult than it should be is that with the immodest clothings being bought over the modest ones, store owners would rather stock up the ones that are being patronized, as they need to be able to pay rent and stay in business!


Sounds despairing, right?


Well… Dear members of the Modesty Tribe, that's nothing to worry about, as Modest apparels, your Number One online store for all modest clothings have you covered on that!


You do not have to worry about settling for the midriff-baring tops, short shorts, and other too-revealing teen fashion items, as we're only a few clicks away.




There are a good number of modest clothing items you can shop for your teenage kids’ wardrobes and they'd never go wrong with them.


We'll be highlighting a few with which to get you started.





These are a must-have as they are an essential part of anyone's wardrobe, moreso, teenagers.

Not only are these comfortable to wear, and easy to take care of, they are also very economical as they can be worn with different kinds of tops and blouses - tees, shirts, blouses, name them!


The best part, you can get them from the comfort of your house by just taking a few minutes to look through our Modest apparels store.



It is no news that skinny jeans are the devil's stress point sent to give us a harder time trying to do this life thingy… otherwise, why else would I go through so much - the discomfort of how tight they are, have to jump up and down to successfully pull them on, the itch and even pain of wearing them for extended period of time - just to rock them?!


Okay, kidding… I mean, I know skinny jeans are cute and all, but they can be immodest as they usually show our curves a little too much and cause us a measure of discomfort while we're out… which is why the loose and comfortable mum ‘boyfriend’ jeans are the perfect to-the-rescue clothing item teens should have.


They are a great choice for everyday outings whether it's a school day, you're running an errand, going out to brunch or visiting a friend at home. All you need to do is pair it with the perfect top/blouse as suits the occasion.




For teens, more often than not, it is usually more about comfort than it is about style and glam (even though sometimes peer pressure can set in and they push for these) which is why t-shirts and sweatshirts are good options!


Your teens can own different kinds and colors of t-shirts to be worn with their casual pants, jeans, etc and nice shoes and they'll be good.


These tees and sweatshirts just have to be in quite interesting colors and designs, avoid the drab and boring ones when shopping.


You can also buy them ones with inspiring inscriptions that keep them feeling great and energized through their day.




Sweatpants and joggers are good clothings for teens. Again, they're comfortable, easy to wear and always come in handy.


Your teenage kids should have a handful of these the next time you take them shopping.





As much as teens love simple, easy-to-do and comfortable dressing, they also like that they can play dress up when the situation arises.


This is why it is necessary that you buy your teens a couple of fine dinner, nicely cut dresses and suits to add to their wardrobes.


They could need those for church, a classmate's birthday party, prom, etc and you shouldn't have to wait until they need to wear them before you buy them.


There are also modest skirts, sundresses, shirt, etc that your teens need added to their library and you can shop for some of these items via the Modest apparels store.