A lot of women are not particularly excited about shopping for maternity dresses because they feel there aren't comfortable and attractive enough options to choose from, and they are not entirely wrong as previously, there wasn't enough fashion-attention paid to expecting mothers.


However, that is no longer the case as the era of the tent-like, tasteless dresses in unflattering designs is gone. Presently, there is a wide range of maternity clothing choices to choose from and many designers have taken maternity dresses to new heights.





The best time to begin buying maternity dresses is probably as soon as the doctor confirms you are pregnant, or at the very least, you should begin to make plans then.


Truth is, as the pregnancy progresses you're going to need some more additions to your collection, but by then things will be easier because you would already know what to buy and where to go buying them.


As for when to start wearing your modest maternity dresses, there's really no rules to this thing, as some women can begin as soon as the stomach begins to protrude while others do not start until a good few months later.


The point is, you are different and unique and so can decide that you want to start wearing your maternity clothings from the get go or that you want to wait until after a few months.




Again, there are basically no rules to this as everything usually comes down to individual preference and comfort, but below are guidelines for when you're shopping for your maternity dresses.


Go for modest

As a pregnant woman, there's every need to ditch any thoughts of revealing outfits you might be nursing probably due to exposure to social media’s numerous maternity or nudity photoshoots.


Ditch them completely!


Your choice of maternity dresses must be those that speak of modesty through and through.


Choose maternity dresses made with breathable, comfortable fabrics

The duration of pregnancy is usually a period with numerous discomforts and even stress, there's no reason you should add bad maternity dresses fabric to the mix.


Choose dresses made mostly with cotton and any other comfortable fabrics there are, you need to be able to enjoy what you wear as an expecting mother.


Ditch those figures hugging outfits for now

Bear in mind that figure hugging clothes during your pregnancy is highly unrecommended.


Apart from the general discomfort wearing those clothes can bring, constricting dresses can also lead to a number of health issues such as pain, obstructed blood circulation, and sometimes even yeast infections.


Your body and baby need all the space and comfort throughout the pregnancy, so lose those figure hugging outfits now!


Buy maternity dresses in bright and vibrant colors

By all means avoid dull and drab looking maternity dresses, avoid them like the plague!

Pregnancy can come with its own blues and the last thing you'd want to do is add to it.


You should already know how different colors have varying psychological effects on us humans, so armed with this knowledge, a great percentage of the outfits you buy for yourself this period should be in colors that add that extra spark to your day, the spring to your step and radiance to your smile.


Pick stylish maternity dresses

Just because they're pregnancy clothes and you're aiming for modesty doesn't mean you have to look like you're going through a late life crisis, ma'am.


You can still look fashionable and stylish while maintaining modesty through the duration of your pregnancy; it all boils down to taking the time to choose from the wide ranges of maternity dresses now available.


Do your hair too!

Dear pregnant woman, do your hair, too! Fix it.

Honestly, pregnancy is challenging and all, but believe me, your beautiful modest maternity dress will look like you just pulled on rags if you don't spare a little time to get your hair together.


Looking beautiful during your pregnancy will cost you a bit of time, but trust me, it'll be worth it… totally!