You already know that the topic of modesty is one that'll never go out of fashion and style, and we're all about constantly keeping you informed about all the modest outfit ideas you can try out in order to stay beautiful, elegant and modest - and this time, we're on modest mauve dresses!


There are so many fabrics/clothes in so many different colors, and I really won't be surprised if you're just finding out there's such a color as mauve!


So, let's take a quick look at what the mauve color is and why you should add modest mauve dresses to your outfits collection.




The Mauve color is basically a pale purple color that occurs between violet and pink on the color wheel. It is named after the mallow flower, which is also known as mauve in French.


Mauve can be a tad difficult to identify, however, if you pay close enough attention, you will notice that mauve color contains more gray and blue than a pale tint of magenta.


Mauve color can also be identified as a pale violet, an unusual shade of purple that has revolutionized fashion… credited by the historians as “the color that changed the world.”



What does the mauve color represent?

The Mauve color is the hue of youth and femininity. It also elicits feelings of devotion and purity. Mauve calls to mind the ethos of renewal that is often associated with springtime.




Expresses youthfulness

Modest dresses in mauve color will give you a feeling of youth and vibrancy!


The mauve color is already a fabulous shade in its own right, along with its psychological effects, wearing it in a dress will surely leave you feeling young, and full of energy.


A dash of femininity and beauty

Modest mauve dresses will leave with that extra dash of femininity all day long. It'll contribute greatly to your very feminine, womanly side finding expression more and you know that a ‘woman ought to be a woman through and through’, yes?

Oh, and you will look absolutely beautiful in a modest mauve dress.


Mauve is the color of devotion

It is no news that colors have certain psychological effects on us humans, whether we like or believe it or not.


Our outfit colors can cause us to be full of energy, vibrant and ready to take on anyone or anything, or leave us feeling dull, weary and unwilling to ‘live’!


Well, the mauve color can strike a cord in you that evokes devotion to friends, family, hobbies, etc. It'll cause a conditioning that'll result in you wanting to get committed to someone or something.


Reminder of springtime’s renewal

You know what springtime is all about? Modest mauve dresses will bring you that feeling of newness and refreshing or renewal, and this will be such a way to enjoy dressing up if you're a sentimental lover of spring!

Mauve evokes Purity

Another reason that should make you consider getting yourself a couple of dresses in mauve color is that it instills a feeling of Purity in you. Yes, the psychology of colors!


As a member of the Modesty Tribe, what better outfit choices do you have if not this? Purchasing for yourself dresses that speak your values and principles!


The conclusion of the whole matter is this, you can never go wrong with modest mauve dresses!