Over the years, most of the swimwears on sale have been known to be very immodest, the kind of immodesty that would have members of the ‘modesty tribe’ depriving themselves of one of the joys of life - swimming!


Knowing how good-for-the-health swimming is, this is very likely a major cause for concern, as the water lovers would have to sit out opportunities to hang out with friends at the beach, pool, etc or even give up taking themselves out, because of their inability to find modest swimwear that they can comfortably go swimming in, in public.




The thing is, whether you're out on a vacation with your family or you're out on a friends’ day out at the beaches, keeping a modest swimwear handy is always an absolutely good idea because there might be an opportunity to go swimming!


Not only does modest swimwear keep you decently covered all day, it also protects your skin from the scorching heat of the sun rays, ensuring that you don't end up with sun burns and marks after a great day!


Modest swimwear of your choosing covers you up nicely, giving you the confidence and energy you need to totally enjoy your day off work, worries and everything else… Now, who wouldn’t jump at that?


Bottom line is, with modest swimwear, you can stay true to yourself, beliefs and culture while still having fun.


Currently, there are countless modest swimwears available on the market, and finding the right one can be quite the hassle, and we've put together a guide to help you shop for the right ones.




Modest swimwear as we've already discussed, is any clothing item designed for swimming that is modest and comfortable.


Below is a list of clothing brands that offer modest swimwear options;



Modanisa is largely known for their modest clothing such as long shirts and flowy dresses, but they also offer a wide range of modest swimwear.


This large variety means many patterns, colors, as well as to pick from to match your personal taste and of course, modest preferences.


Azya Swim

Azya Swim focuses on pieces that are fashionable and work just fine without sacrificing modesty. They are probably best known for their swim tunics, which have an accompanying flattering belt around the waist.


Their designs also come in two variants, above-the-knee and below-the-knee lengths, so you have the liberty to choose what suits your needs best.


Awa Swimwear

This brand's collection includes casual and comfortable modest swimwear options at affordable rates.


Their most popular options are ones fitted at the top for comfort and flowing from the waist down for coverage and modesty.


There are a number of other brands that also provide modest swimwear options for their user, they include;


a. Nike
b. Shelline swimwear
c. Summersalt
d. Coolibar
e. Sabrinecat
f. Lyra swimwear, etc.

Modest Swimwear shopping guide


There are a number of swimwears that are tagged one-size-fits-all… do not fall for it! Everyone has their unique body shape and measurement, and therefore, it is important to know yours and specifically go searching for them.


You should refer to the size charts and choose swimwear that will complement your curves, cover you up appropriately and keep you comfortable.



Whatever fabric you want your modest swimwear to be in, ensure that it is not too thin so as not to become transparent when wet.


You should go for fabric blends like elastane and spandex, because they'll give you the right amount of stretch for a snug fit.


The material should also have quick-drying and moisture-wicking properties to keep you dry and comfortable after every dip and at no risk of catching a cold.



Find a color that matches the climate and your body type as colors have a way of magnifying or diminishing your figure.

For example, any swimwear that is too bright or metallic should be avoided if you are on the fuller side of things! Another thing, to get the slimming effect, go for darker colors.


Lastly, remember that you can make your personal swimwears from your closet by picking out and combining two or more pieces of clothing.


Your modest swimwear doesn't have to be store bought, look in your closet, I'm sure you'll find something you can absolutely enjoy swimming in.


Go have fun!