Who in their right minds wouldn't love white dresses? I mean, those obliging non-colour dresses are feminine, versatile and flattering to your skin - they make it pop!


One of the white dress’s best features is that it acts as a reflector when worn and lights up one's face in the most subtle and flattering manner.






You might be one of those people who do not really like white dresses because they get dirty easily, and are kind of tasking to take care of, but here are a few reasons you might need to know to consider making modest white dresses a part of your wardrobe.



White dresses are great with anything


White is a completely well-behaved and obliging color that can be combined with a variety of accessories of any color if care is taken to do it right.


All you need to do is consider the kind of fabric and style of your modest white dress before deciding on the kind of accessories you want to pair it with.



White dresses are great with any skin tone


I've never heard anyone say they can't pull off a white outfit because it didn't go with their skin.


That's because white is that color that you can totally rock, whether you're black, fair, brown, etc, you can do it! All you have to do is choose the right fabric and style for you because that's where the issue always lies.


White dresses depict purity


As an enthusiast of modesty, I think you'll love this one… white dresses have a way of expressing purity which is also a form of modesty.


A white, modest dress will cause you to give off an air of innocence about you, if you do not let your excessive makeup mar it.


Again, the right fabric and style for you, alongside accessories and just the right amount of makeup is what you need to rock that modest white dress.





Below is a list of different kinds of modest white dresses you can wear to different occasions;


Modest white cocktail dresses


A cocktail dress is some kind of a mix of formal and casual in one outfit. It usually hits just at the knee and is perfect for events you're not entirely sure what the dress code is.


A modest white cocktail dress will be an awesome addition to your closet.


Modest white midi dresses


The modest white midi dress is the perfect option when you don't want to go ‘mini’ especially as a member of the ‘modesty tribe’, and also don't want to go maxi, because… the type of occasion, etc.


This style works with just about any neckline and is great for all body types, so you don't have to worry about whether or not it suits you.


Modest white A-line dresses


This dress starts out as a bit of body hugging and then flows out around the waist/hips, giving off that ‘A’ shape vibe.


It is the best fit for casual events and you can decide to keep it entirely casual or spice things up by using some accessories to turn your look up!



Modest white maxi dresses


A modest white maxi dress is just the outfit you need to have an absolutely swell time out by the beach.


Not only is this stylish and relaxing, it's a comfortable choice that doesn't cause you to sweat more than necessary because it doesn't absorb light.



Modest white wrap dresses


If you're a lover of wrap dresses because of how stylish and comfortable they are, then you should definitely get one that's white and modest as it's great for athletic women who'd like to look good without worrying about their ‘muscular’ figure.


There are many different kinds of dresses that you can add to your wardrobe in a modest white tone… they include modest white pencil dresses, shirt dresses, smock dresses, ball gowns, tea length dresses, etc.


All you need to do is find the best fit for you, pair them with the appropriate accessories and be off slaying in very modest fashion!