Sage green is a fabulous color that is cool, chic, classy and can be pulled off by almost everyone. It is one of the shades of green and has a grayish, silver hue to it.


It is derived from a combination of yellowish green and gray color. It can be paired with lime green, muted red, white, seafoam green, etc.


Sage green is a pale shade of green that represents growth and is regarded as the color that signifies fresh starts. Generally, the color green mainly stands for renewal and growth - it is relaxing, soothing, and it evokes a sense of relaxation and comfort.



You might be wondering what events or occasions you can wear your sage green dresses to, well… below are a few of them.


A wedding; on bridesmaid duties


In whatever season it is you're getting married, sage green is a versatile, timeless and limitless color that is perfect for bridesmaid dresses.


Being a color that signifies fresh starts, refreshing, renewal, growth, etc, a sage green dress is the perfect outfit to grace your friend or sister's wedding with as they are starting out a new life getting married and need all the goodwill they can get.


I'm sure for any wedding you're willing to do bridesmaid duties for, you're going there with all the love and happiness in your heart for them, so the next time you get the chance to get on a bridal train, pull out that fabulous sage green dress and absolutely rock it.


A Dinner party

All shades of the color green have a tranquil and harmonizing vibe about them. Green is usually linked to stability with energizing effects that may occur as a result of one of its components, yellow, which is a vibrant, exciting hue.


Interestingly as well, green’s blue undertones often produce calming effects, and is also known as the color that alleviates anxiety and depression.


In essence, a sage green dress is the perfect outfit for that optimum evening out at that university, friend or church dinner you need to be at during the weekend. You can be sure that you'll have just the right amount of calm, energy and fun to totally enjoy your night.


On a date

Remember how the sage green color is classy, cool and chick and can be pulled off by almost everyone? Yes, you can definitely step out to a date whether lunch or dinner wearing a sage green dress.


Let's be honest, you'll need to leave an impression on whomever you're having dinner or lunch with, so why not turn up looking beautiful and elegant in a sage green dress?


As a work outfit

A more formal looking sage green dress is a good outfit choice for a corporate work environment. For a vibrant, energetic day at work and for your best possible output, you won't go wrong in that gorgeous dress!


There are a number of other events that you can wear your sage green dress to, you only have to choose your outfit in the style that is appropriate for the occasion, and remember to choose matching shoes, bags and jacket, shawl or scarf if you need to, and most importantly… keep it modest. That's how to keep it elegant and beautiful.