The Perfect Modest Fashion for Evangelism as Ladies

Every follower of Jesus Christ knows that evangelism is a call to us all. It is critical to all Christian life. But let’s talk about dressing for evangelism as a woman. If you’ve ever gone out to witness, you know that part of preparing is deciding what to wear. This affects the ladies more, not so? Read on to see our recommendations for your best evangelism wear.

Why is there a topic out of ladies' fashion in evangelism?


Just before we dive into the whole evangelism fashion discourse, let’s consider why this topic is even important. Firstly, Jesus called us into witnessing. That makes it a most important assignment for us as believers in Christ. And if you’re still reading this article at this point, it means you value evangelism as well as appearance.


Secondly, the Bible does instruct us to dress with modesty as women.


In like manner also, that women adorn themselves in modest apparel…

1st Timothy 2:9 (King James Version)

Thirdly, you could take on a false identity with your dressing. Recall when Judah saw Tamar his daughter-in-law and mistook her for a whore? It was her dressing. That’s found in Genesis 38: 13-16.

Fourthly, your clothing is not allowed to distract people from what’s most important to God. Those guys you’re about to preach to? Jesus died for their souls. If you allow your comfy dressing distract them from your message, imagine what Jesus has to say.

Need we say more? It simply matters to God critically that you dress responsibly – dress modestly. More so when you are out to witness for God in Evangelism.


What’s Our Aim?


Although we are not trying to create a new Christian fashion law, we are trying to give a great perspective to modest dressing. We are not trying to hyper-define pious dressing, but we certainly will make the decision on what to wear easier. It can be cozy, cool, lovable and still responsible – that’s modest dressing.

So, especially for you ladies ahead of your next evangelism outing, here is a list. Feel free to contribute in the comment section.

1. The Modest Dress will not stick to your skin

Figure hugging dresses are still a No-No in Christianity. Sadly, the church seems to be overlooking this trend lately. That every square inch of skin is covered does not mean the curves are invisible. We are not saying it must completely disappear. But it must not come out provocative.

2. Not too loose for the wind

Have you ever worn a loose dress to beach? How did you cope when the winds came? This being a major topic in female fashion, Women’s Weekly recommends pencil skirts and wrap skirts to prevent getting undressed by the wind.

An article on Today refers to an incident when the Duchess of Cambridge (Kate Middleton) “found herself upwind”. It recommends using coins to keep the fabric in place, a dress or wearing a wide-legged pants.

 ladies modest fashion for evangelism

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3. It shouldn’t be see-through

Already, women are increasingly talking about male sexual harassment through uneasy stares. A former Big Brother housemate named Antoniette Lecky says; “In fact, I think every woman has, because a lot people don’t even know what sexual harassment means. They are so used to it without knowing what it is…it happens every day. Some men even undress you with their eyes. That’s sexual harassment.”

If it is that severe, and fully clothed women are not entirely free from the probing eyes of predator males, how much more the ones dressed in see-through clothing? Imagine you stand before a man that must be saved from rapist tendencies and you’re dressed in a translucent gown. You just made yourself a tempting meal to him.

4. What’s the price tag?

Part of modest dressing is in pricing. In fact a synonym for ‘costly’ is ‘immoderate’. Another is ‘extravagant’. The problem is with the ‘extra’ in extravagant. If your attire is so costly that it could be considered immoderate in price, it would likely distract the lost. How are you going to put on fashion that immodest for evangelism? Why not wear it for a professional exclusive cocktail rather than for evangelism?


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5. ladies can wear glasses after evangelism, not so?

If your glasses are not medically recommended or less stylish, you might want to avoid them while witnessing. In November 2011, Select Specs carried out a survey to find out if wearing clear, modest glasses changes the way people perceive you. When the results came in, “100% of the models were considered by the public to be sexier…”


A question was asked on Quora about sophisticated glasses; “Do you think glasses makes women more attractive?” Diverse responses came in but the commonest said ‘if she is already an attractive woman, the glasses will add more attraction.’

From the best status website, there are 3 quotes about glasses that bear importance to modest dressing:

  • Every girl is beautiful but girls who wear glasses is love
  • Sunglasses are to look beautiful
  • There is always something special about girls who wear spectacles.

On the Vint and York website, the dealer writes that their glasses; “…give you that mysterious appeal,…These thick red sunglass frames are your ally if you want to keep all eyes on you.”

It is okay to wear glasses even if merely for fashion. But when you’re out on evangelism, the focus is on Christ not you. As ladies serious about modest evangelism fashion, minimize dressing that would redirect attention from the gospel to you.

 ladies modest fashion for evangelism

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6. 'Weird' fashion is a big 'NO'!

Outrageous or weird fashion immediately catches the eye and that is the whole essence of it being weird. Note that not all outrageous fashion is revealing. One could dress weird but are covered all over; another is barely covered - a typical Lady Gaga. But here, we address the believer who is dressed in what audience will consider atypical, outrageous, weird or queer. This is totally unnecessary and will likely distract your audience from the most important message they need to hear.

In April 2019, a Chuck Lawless article '4 REASONS WHY WHAT YOU WEAR WHEN YOU PREACH DOES MATTER' captured what happens when you dress in a manner too different from the familiar norm;

"When your clothing looks strange (or even just decidedly different), it’s not always easy to hear your message because of the visual distraction... it’s our responsibility as the communicator to figure out how to communicate most effectively. That responsibility includes not allowing our clothing choices to hinder someone’s hearing the message."

Outrageous clothing


7. Hope the lost can breathe while you speak


Feel free to use some perfume, but note that “…too much fragrance not only is a turnoff, it can give people migraines or even allergic reactions (Men's Cologne). Typically, a person cannot smell the perfume they are using within a space of some time. This means you can’t tell every time when it is about to discomfort someone near you. There is therefore need for moderate use when dressing up to go on evangelism.


Imagine this, still from Best Men’s Cologne, “…some people find difficulty in concentrating after the inhalation of any particular cologne.” Do you really want to preach the gospel to someone who is unable to concentrate due to your perfume?


8. When before the mirror, review the emblems on your Modest Apparel


You could be wearing the devil’s head as a belt head, or a symbol on your purse, or a pattern on your baseball cap – and you never even noticed. You could be wearing an adult themed brand on your modest dress and you’re not aware. Imagine that you just read through a scripture “You shall have no other God beside me”, but your feet both have Lil Nas X’s satan shoes? And how do you keep preaching to the savvy listener who is busy with the idea of correcting you?


Recall the Tyler Perry movie, “Madea Goes to Jail”, where a character asked; “How you gonna sit there, talk about God...with a joint in your hand and some Viagra?” 


The central idea of modest apparel is in deflecting the attention from you or some strong brand and onto Christ whom you preach. Paul wrote the Corinthians thus; “For we do not preach ourselves but Christ Jesus as Lord, and ourselves as your bond-servants for Jesus’ sake.” (2 Corinthians 4:5). And then, if you care about souls that much, you would gladly suspend your personal preference in fashion if you could only get them evangelized (1 Corinthians 8:13).


Keywords: Modest ladies fashion for evangelism


Counsel on Modest Dressing

The central idea of modest apparel is in deflecting the attention from you or some strong brand and onto Christ whom you preach. Paul wrote the Corinthians thus; “For we do not preach ourselves but Christ Jesus as Lord,..” (2 Corinthians 4:5). And then, if you care about souls that much, you would gladly suspend your personal preference in fashion if you could only get them evangelized (1 Corinthians 8:13).

Keywords: Modest ladies fashion for evangelism

We need to revisit the lowly cut dress in discussing modest apparel. Agreed, in today's fashion, it seems short dresses and mini-skirts have become widely accepted. Even in many churches. But is this scripturally sanctioned?

Consider a peek into the mind of leading fashion designers of short female dresses.

In the 1960s, a UK based fashion designer popularized the mini-skirt, according to wmagazine website. Fashion United calls her 'Queen of the mini-skirt' due to her famous work in making cheaper, smaller clothes for women. But along with it being cheap, this was her reason for her style: "arrogant, aggressive and sexy" ( This shows where the inspiration for short dresses came from. It was rebellious, revealing and racy. Today, it is common. The same applies to low cut blouses and tops - anything that is too revealing will also be distracting.

Here is a Quote from Adventist Ellen G White's Recommended Modest Apparel

1. We recommend the reform dress to all. We urge it upon none. When Christian women see the wrongs of the fashionable style, and the benefits of ours, and put it on from a sense of duty, and have the moral courage to wear it anywhere and everywhere, then will they feel at home in it, and enjoy a satisfaction and blessing in trying to do right. PH134 13.3

2. But those who adopt the reform dress should ever bear in mind the fact that the power of fashion is terrible; and that in meeting this tyrant, they need wisdom, humility, and patience,—wisdom to speak and act so as not to offend the slaves of fashion unnecessarily; and humility and patience to endure their frowns, their slight, and their reproachful speeches. PH134 14.1

3. In view of existing prejudices against the reform dress, it becomes our duty in adopting it to avoid all those things which make it unnecessarily objectionable. It should reach to within eight or nine inches from the floor. The skirt of the dress should not be distended as with hoops. It should be as full as the long dress. With a proper amount of light skirts, the dress will fall properly and gracefully about the limbs. PH134 14.2

Anything eight or nine inches from the floor is not the reform dress.

It should be cut by an approved pattern, and fitted and made by directions from one who has experience in this style of dress. PH134 14.3

4. Taste should be manifested as to colors. Uniformity in this respect, with those who adopt this style of dress, is desirable so far as convenient. Complexion, however, may be taken into the account. Modest colors should be sought for. When figured colors are used, those that are large and fiery, showing vanity and shallow pride in those who choose them, should be avoided. And a fantastic taste in putting on different colors, is bad, such as white sleeves and pants with a dark dress. Shawls and bonnets are not in as good taste with the reform dress, as sacks and hats, and caps in winter. PH134 14.4

5. And be right yourselves. Secure and maintain, in all the duties and walks of life, the heavenly adorning. The apostle speaks to the point: PH134 15.1

“Likewise, ye wives, be in subjection to your own husbands; that, if any obey not the word, they also may without the word be won by the conversation of the wives; while they behold your chaste conversation coupled with fear. Whose adorning let it not be that outward adorning of plaiting the hair, and of wearing of gold, or of putting on of apparel; but let it be the hidden man of the heart, in that which is not corruptible, even the ornament of a meek and quiet spirit, which is in the sight of God of great price.”1 Peter 3:1-4. PH134 15.2

My dear sisters: Such an ornament, such a course of life and conduct, will give you influence for good on earth, and be prized in Heaven. Unless you can obtain and maintain this, I entreat you to lay off the reform dress. Do not disgrace it with a want, on your part, of neatness, cleanliness, taste, order, sobriety, meekness, propriety, modesty, and devotion to your families and to your God. Be a recommendation and an ornament to the reform dress, and let that be a recommendation and an ornament to you. PH134 15.3