XS is basically a clothing size that is extra small, which translates roughly to a women's size 0-2 in most clothing brands.


Clothing brands usually make clothes in this size with the following measurements;


Chest - 31½ - 32½" (which is 80 to 82.5 cm)

Waist - 23 - 24" (which is 58 to 60 cm)

Hips - 33½ - 35" (which is 85 to 90 cm)


XS clothing is mostly for little children around the ages four to five, so you should pay attention to this when shopping for your kids.





Finding and purchasing the proper clothing sizes for children is quite a challenge that the majority of parents have to deal with. This is due to the fact that there is no universal children’s clothing size guideline for manufacturers and retailers to follow.


What this means is that you can’t rely on uniformity in sizing across brands, because those numbers and sizes apparently vary across different clothing brands. This sure can be confusing and frustrating for busy parents who are constantly trying to buy clothes for their ever-growing kids.



The clothing size chart used for Little Kid clothes sizes is based on age, but the height which is in inches and weight in pounds is usually also provided for reference.


The Little Kid size chart used for boys is the same one used for girls, but they become different for each gender starting from Big Kid/Tween sizes, which is around age 7 upwards.


To ensure the best fit, both the boys and girls should be measured for hips, natural waist, height, and inseam. Some retailers will offer clothes in sizes based on age, while others offer the standard XS-XL sizing, which is basically based on the kid's body size regardless of ages, which typically translates to:


XS – four to five years

S – six to seven years

M – eight to nine years

L – ten to eleven years

XL – twelve to thirteen year old




Shopping for clothing items for your kids can be such a chore especially as sizing might not be as universal as it is claimed to be across clothing brands, and also because these guys are constantly growing.


You could buy them something in this exact size one day, and just a week or two later, they no longer fit in. Yes, that's how fast those tiny humans grow. With this information in mind, you should go shopping for XS clothings with a few things as determining factors to aid your decision.


Figure out their body size

First, keep in mind your kids’ body size when you're planning to buy them clothes because the truth is, not all kids of a particular age weigh the same or have the same body size. So, pay attention to whether your kid has the standard body size for his/her age, or whether it is above or below average.


Once you've figured this out, you can then decide to go for the standard XS clothing, or something a little bigger or smaller.


Keep up with their growth

Another thing to do is pay attention to their body size and learn how to adjust accordingly. Just because you bought them clothings in this size three weeks ago doesn't mean that's what they'll still be wearing three weeks later. Check for how much they've grown since the last time you shopped for them and make your decision from there.


Find and stick with one clothing brand

Look, if it is not impossible then you should find and stick with one clothing brand for all your kids’ clothing needs. This way you can be sure that sizes are not fluctuating and causing you to try to figure out your kids’ perfect fit all over. Once you settle into buying from just one brand, everything will run a lot more smoothly.


Buying age and size appropriate outfits for kids can be torture, but with the right information and practice, you'll become a pro!

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